Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Place Your Bets!

It is race season and that means it is time once again to place some bets with my friends as to who can beat whom on race day! Since I think everyone should enjoy placing bets on my racing as much as I do, I created a little contest in case you want to participate.

For those of you who don't know my betting history - you can read up on my TWO losses by 2-seconds at Wildflower last year here.

This is the prize - Zoot compression socks!

My friends Kevin and Ian are both racing Wildflower on Saturday. Kevin has agreed to give me 13 minutes, and Ian 30. If I close the gap under those times, I win. If not, I buy some carnivore sandwich for Ian and amazing bakery items for Kevin. 

YOU can win the socks by listing the time gap between us and coming closest for both. So for example - if you think I will barely win (yet still win!) you would write Kevin: 12 minutes, Ian: 29 minutes.

While I am racing my butt off at Wildflower - my Dad will be doing the same at Ironman St. George, in search of a Kona trip. If you are at IMSG this weekend give a shout out to Ken Bauer for me!