Monday, April 30, 2012

Dream Big & Work Hard

I've had a couple people comment that my blog has been quiet lately. Honestly - it's not because there has not been a lot going through my head, but more that once I get off the bike I haven't found the energy to tappity tap my fingers on the keyboard.

Ironman training has been in full force. I have never done an Ironman so early in the season before. (Trust me, I have second guessed this decision several times in the past few weeks when I reached near-breaking point...) There have been days I was certain I would not be fit and fast by Ironman TX. Then there are training days where I know without a doubt that I am READY. And hopefully come race day I will land on one of those I-feel-good days.

Caffeine magic powers mid-intervals.

I have big dreams and goals for racing this year. There is so much I want to accomplish. That alone keeps me coming back when training gets tough and on days when I want nothing more than to curl up and sleep the day away.

The hard work has been done - now it is time to chase those dreams. Wildflower is this weekend, followed in two weeks by Ironman Texas. Good luck to everyone racing - I will see you on the course!