Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've reached the point in base-building, foundation-laying, shoulder-season, whatever you want to call it, where I'm over it. I want to race. Except I know I'm not quite ready yet. Which is good, because my first race is not for a month.

There is only one time during the year when I get to lay down a solid base, work on my weaknesses (a LOT) and prepare the foundation for a solid season. I know this is an important time. The only problem is, I really really really love to race. It motivates me. It makes it easier to get up at o'dark-thirty to get into the outdoor pool when it is hovering in the 30s outside. I like seeing progress. I even like seeing those areas where I think I failed. It fires me up. And makes me want to work harder.

I can understand why many people do not like to "exercise". Unless you are on a mega weight-loss plan, there is no benchmark to charting progress. Sure, I suppose you can take a watch and clock your times, but I find much more satisfaction in toeing a line. Getting nervous butterflies in my stomach before the gun goes off. Leaving it all out on the course.

So for now, I must head off to the pool again (sigh...). I will continue counting down the days until I can toe the line. And come mid-season, be happy that the foundation has been built.