Monday, February 20, 2012


I spent the weekend out near Palm Springs training and laughing with a friend. It was a good weekend.

Despite the fact that much of the year it is hell-fire hot, there are a lot of crops grown in the desert.

Date palms.

Vineyard that appears dead, but I actually think it is not.

Behind the crates are red-leaf, then green-leaf lettuce. Beyond the leafy greens is the Salton Sea.

Nothing but this without . . .


It's actually kind of odd. Riding my bike along was mostly desert scenes - just brown, dead stuff. But then I'd roll along sections of just really lush green grass. Pretty.

I love how many of the older roads in the desert are lined with tall rows of palm trees. It was a great weekend of training with some new scenery and no arm warmers!


Steve said...

I always pull for Charisa Wernick. Maybe I like the way she pronounces her name... Maybe I just like her. :) Pretty sure I just like her, and roll with the flow.

I have no idea how to tell how awesome of a person you are.

Take care. :)

Luv ya. Best wishes always for all those you care about. :)


JC said...

So pretty - your photos are always great!
Happy training chica!

Molly said...

That looks like a VERY nice weekend for riding!!! :)

Greg... said...

What a beautiful place to ride this time of year. I could use that kind of weather her in the North country.

Bob Almighty said...

Man you are so lucky to be out in Cali with so many diverse areas to ride in, maybe I'll make it out west someday. Hope the training's going well

Alison said...

I love the riding in Palm Springs (pretty different from the PNW!) We usually hit it for a few days over spring break, but this year we're trading SoCal for Tucson. enjoy!