Monday, February 27, 2012

Turtles Can Run Fast....Eventually

I spent the better part of December & January pounding myself into the ground running - mostly as a great form of stress relief. While it did wonders for relieving stress, it did nothing for creating flexible and healthy hamstrings. Therefore, come late January I was reduced to a lot of swimming and rehab. (If I swim a 55 at my first Ironman this season maybe I will look back on all of this as a great sequence of events.)

I have since healed my legs, and ramped up running again. I feel SLOW. Turtle pace slow. It has made my riding feel SLOW as well. If turtles rode bikes, they might beat me. It has made me grumpy on multiple occasions. But I have decided to follow the plan, stick with it, and embrace my turtle speed, trusting that fitness will return.

One of several flats on Sunday's turtle-pace ride. 
(Note - the guys rode fine, Charisa rode at Turtle pace).

Very far from Alaska (thankfully!)