Monday, January 9, 2012


I've found it's really easy to get stuck running the exact same routes day in and day out. Recently I've had the opportunity to run some local trails that don't typically fit into my daily routine. The change of scenery has been very fun.

This past weekend I headed down to San Diego to run on the trails around Balboa park.

Morning fog.

Log climb. My legs hated this part.

Chasing dogs.

Fish pond.

Balboa park was built for the World's Fair. The buildings are awesome.

The run ended sunny. A nice day.


Caroline said...

Looks beautiful - loved the pictures as always (right now anything looks better than grey Virginia). And that log climb looks STEEP!

Steve said...

You sure notice a lot of stuff on your runs. That log climb looks brutal. I would imagine the lungs don't like it that much either. :)

ADC said...

Very pretty.

Christi said...

What a beautiful area to run!

Jason said...

That fish pond picture is awesome. The reflection of the building is terrific.