Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Things

There's been a lot of tough stuff lately. I tend to fare better when I focus on the good, so in following suit, I figured I would post on some of my favorite things.
  • High wispy winter clouds.
  • Finishing a long swim set and realizing my arms still work fine.
  • Early morning sunshine.
  • Baking cookies with my mom.
  • Runs that feel like I could go on forever.
  • Two jobs I really love - microscopes and racing.
  • Riding my single speed to coffee.
  • Much to be thankful for. So much.
Hope you experienced some good things today.


Steve said...

I love the bike. So colorful. Definitely fits your personality.

I need to get some spray paint for my bike I think. :)

SSB said...

You have early morning sunshine where you are? It's dark until after 7AM here.

ADC said...

Great stuff. Wish we could ride to get coffee together.

Christi said...


Lisa said...

It took me 4.5 hours today to return home to Massachusetts from Vermont - in a snowstorm. I took a deep breath and pretended it was a long run. EAch mile (or Exit) signified my getting closer to home to be with my hubby & pup, who I've missed a BUNCH!!

Caroline said...

I *love* your bike! It was warm enough to wear shorts home from the gym - that counts as a good thing in my book!