Friday, November 11, 2011

Why TriSports?

I've been fortunate enough to work with TriSports for several years now. Rather than tell you about all the things I love about this company, I figured I would just show you.

I don't often get to visit the store in Tucson, but when I do it's fun - they carry everything.

The fleet of QRs.

The bike fit studio.

Dynamic Fit Unit to manipulate bike position while pedaling.

Want to buy a wetsuit but need to test it first?
There's a pool for that.

Need bike maintenance? TriSports has you covered. (This is the brand new Ultegra Di2 - you can buy the bike here.)

Finding the perfect running shoe won't take long. There's a huge selection to choose from and treadmills for testing.

Want to come out to Arizona to train in the winter, but not sure you want to haul your bike through the airport? These are all the bikes you can rent, demo, test out, etc.

A lot of online retail stores sell lots of product, but don't actually stock it. This means when you order something it might take a few weeks for it to ship from the manufacturer. TriSports stocks everything. This is just a small section of their massive warehouse.

Lots of fun Zoot shoes!

When your order is placed, it often ships out the very same day.

 Employee bike racks for riding to work.

One of the things I love about TriSports is their earth-friendly approach to business. Furniture made from recycled materials is found throughout the offices. Construction is currently under way to create covered parking with solar panels on top. The entire roof of the building was recently fitted with solar panels and soon the company will be nearly 98% solar powered. The large silver tanks on either side of the building capture rain water that is used for gray water in the building and in the air conditioning system.

TriSports has figure out how to give back to the sport and community as well. They sponsor multiple local races and athletes like myself. So next time you need to purchase some tri gear, use coupon code CWERN-S to save 10%, and be happy knowing that the company is doing all it can to make purchasing triathlon gear easy with one-stop shopping while still practicing sustainability.