Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Perfect Ride

October in southern CA is amazing. All the tourists go home, and it gets warm. While the rest of the country settles in for beautiful fall colors, crisp temps and pumpkin flavored drinks, we bust out the shorts and set off on bike rides with barely a cloud in the sky. There's a reason it's so expensive to live in CA.

The only cloud in the sky at sunrise this morning was from a brush fire in East County.

Today was my last day of "easy" training before we gear back up for IMAZ. I told the boys today's ride was strictly a coffee shop ride. Skippy took this seriously and showed up with homemade cookies.

I love the blue sky on days like this. Warm air, and great company on the bike make it just about perfect.

Thanks for the ride boys and especially all the laughs!


Steve said...

I was thinking about what you wrote here, and I really think wherever anyone lives is a great place. You have to embrace the positives of where you are, and endure what may be less than positive.

A lot of life is lived inside our heads. Even Anne Frank had good days in captivity. :)


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

You are going to crush IMAZ and go to into the off season with a bang! You've done SO WELL this season, Charissa!


Our Chamber of Commerce weather showed up yesterday.
50s in the morning and high of 80..
plus it's cheaper than California. You just have to put up with 6 months of 180F weather (or so it seems)

solarpowered said...

I'll admit it -- NJ's pretty cool with its change of seasons, but I'd love to live in southern CA. I love the weather out there. Sounds like a great ride today -- now tell me more about those cookies. :)

Kiet said...

Nice way to start the training back up. Hey, if you and Steven want a little vacay in SF, my friend has a one bedroom that is vacant for the next two months, and he offered it up. ;o)

Kiki said...

it was great to see you out there, and it was a fabulous day. I kept saying, I can't believe it's October.

Jaclyn said...

I think Skippy and I would be good friends. Cookies and bikes!