Monday, October 3, 2011

Play Harder

While I was over in the UK I was fortunate enough to meet some sports enthusiasts who make some awesome recovery products. They were all over the Henley course cheering me on and even captured this fun video of me finishing (sorry Alistair for high-fiving the camera almost out of your hand!)

These sports enthusiasts make a recovery product that combines compression with ICE (or heat if you want that).

This is what you get (minus the cat). The silver bag is filled with some compression knickers, sheets that become ice (or heat) and instructions. The silver bag should be saved because it can be used to take your recovery ice to a race (and keep it cold while you race - brilliant!)

The compression tights have little pockets all over them.

To hold the ice sheets.

When you open the package, the sheets of ice look like sheets of paper. You can cut them up to whatever size you like.

Then they get soaked in the sink for a minute or so.

Dry them off, pop them in the freezer, and you are ready for some quality leg-icing! If you prefer heat, you can heat them up rather than freeze them.

The great part is - if you have a particular area of your leg you want iced, just stick the ice pack into that particular pocket on the compression pants and off you go. No need for towels wrapped around the ice, or bandages to hold ice in place. Happy training (& recovery)!