Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Training in Ireland

Training while traveling has both its benefits and difficulties. Finding a pool (or section of the sea where I won't get swept out into it) to swim in can be tricky. But I'd say the benefits far outweigh the trials.

My cycling scenery looks like this lately...

The past two mornings I have ridden past this general store. I love the old dog that sleeps in the doorway - he is always there, staying out of the rain.

Foggy waterfall on Conor's Pass.

I love this blue gate. A lot of Irish houses, walls, etc. are plain stone colors, but then they tend to accent everything with a red door, or a blue gate, etc. 

An old house on the cliff on my ride.

I've yet to ride without getting rained on. Thankfully I brought warm clothes. I'm actually getting used to the rain. And Mike - I have even been remembering to oil my bike chain after each ride!!!

Irish door.

When I'm riding I keep wanting to pinch myself because I can't believe I actually get to ride my bike past all this amazing scenery. I can not imagine anywhere more beautiful to ride a bike!!

Streams and lakes galore.

There is definitely a reason it is so green here...

My ride typically ends with me coming back and getting warm.

My mom and I then visit a local pub where I get awesome food, warm drinks, and she tells me random facts about all the areas I just rode past. It's like traveling with your own personal historian really. 

For example, today she told me that the area I rode through is home to half a million sheep. I have no idea why they are spray painted though...