Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Bit of Ireland

I woke up the day after the race to sunshine....yeah, that's about right. It only lasted ten minutes though.

We left Galway Bay and headed south.

We had lunch in the small village of Adare, where there was a tunnel of trees, a great pub for lunch...

And more quaint houses. When I go back home to California I'm fairly certain my home will seem SO. VERY. BORING. after all this!

Dingle Harbor.

Just a little duplex.

I'm now staying on Goat Street. And the Goat Street Cafe has great vegetarian food!

It stopped raining briefly for my morning ride.

Road block.

If you look closely - I'm actually swimming in this photo. It was freaking freezing!! Thankfully pubs also sell hot chocolate.

Ventry Beach.

Coffee break #2 of the day...

The view from our room.