Friday, September 9, 2011

Lake District Ride

The lake district (northeast of Limerick) was one of my favorite areas of all the places we visited in Ireland. I rode my bike there for over three hours, and every single bit of it was amazing.

Much of my ride was along hills above the lake.

When I wasn't along the lake, it was mostly farm land. I think I saw more tractors than cars. Photos-while-riding = you have to do a bit of work & tip your head to the left...

Fall colors.

This map was soaked by the end of my ride, but helped me navigate all the round-abouts and random roads. I'm proud to say I only got lost twice!

 Best sign I saw all day!

Another lake...

And another pub with a fireplace to warm up in when I finished.

Pub view. There's an awesome old church across the street, but it's behind the car.

Next up: Dublin, then Wales...