Saturday, September 10, 2011


Leaving the beautiful countryside for the big city was a change of pace. We turned in our rental car and went everywhere on foot.

The zip-ties I travel with for my bike came in handy for re-attaching the hub cap.

There are rivers and canals everywhere.

I was impressed with all the bike paths throughout the city.

House boat. With bicycle...

Although the trees are changing colors in Dublin, it is much warmer here than it was in Southern Ireland.

In the pub.

In the park.

On the street.

The University where I swam several times.

This made me laugh.


solarpowered said...

Those bike paths look super! And that sign is hilarious. So jealous of what looks like an amazing trip for you!

Damie said...

So fun to see you today! I thought that was you on the bike, but then there was no race number so I wasn't sure. Then I saw you on the run... Yeah!!! Hope you are having a great time in Wales. It has been awesome!

Beth said...
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