Monday, September 12, 2011

Dublin Running

The day I left Dublin I had a great run around the city.

This stadium is massive. Guessing they play rugby here??

I loved the dog in the basket.

I somehow ended up here.

This path leads out to a point with a lighthouse.

On the point, headed back toward Dublin.

Nice beach.

I ran along this canal...

And thankfully not on too many of these.

Good day for running.


Kim said...

What a great run and I've enjoyed you pictures so much!!! So glad you had fun and did well.

Beth said...

Oops posted the last comment on the wrong post - that looks like Aviva Stadium on second look and yes, that is where rubgy is played. Croke Park is the other huge stadium where the GAA sports are played (Gaelic football and hurling).

Lucas R. Tucker said...

I love the cool pictures!

solarpowered said...

Cobblestones like that are my enemy while running. Forget about biking over them. I can't believe the guys do that in the TdF.

Meg said...

I just loved that light house path and the cobbled stone streets. So quaint! What an awesome trip!