Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wales Run

My bike and I took a ferry from Dublin to Wales, where we were picked up by Angelina, and whisked off toward Tenby. But first we stopped for the night at this Inn.

I ordered sticky toffee pudding - because it's British and I'm on a mission to try all things local. I told Angelina later it should be called Sticky Toffee Cake, because there was no pudding in it. She informed me that pudding just means it is dessert. Either way - it was great.

Our Inn was built in 1450. That's older than the country I come from.

I loved the Inn - it was awesome. Even better was that it is tucked away in a little valley in a Wales national park. Right across the street is a little trail that hooked me into an entire network of running trails.

Our Inn as seen from the trails.

The river that winds along the trails.

I came across this treetop viewer late in the run.

It works nicely.

There are sheep in Wales too. And yes, I am still fascinated by them.

I ran along the river, all the way up to the top of a peak, and back down by the river again. I ran for over an hour and did not see one car or person. Just me, the forest and sheep. It was perfect.

The run ranks right up there with my top 10 favorite trail runs. Ever.