Friday, August 5, 2011

Racing at Home

My next two races feel like I am going home, even though I grew up in Chicago, rather than NY and Michigan. New York City is a special place to me - as Steven and I spent two years right after we were married there.

We actually lived just outside NY in CT (hence the covered bridge photo...)

Weekends were filled with adventures around NYC. Steven obviously greatly enjoyed high tea at the Plaza. (And yes, I do realize I have a great husband.)

And the boy who had never lived outside CA in his life, endured several very cold, snowy, and icy winters.

I never once when we lived back east thought I would race the NYC triathlon as a pro someday. So going home to race, is extra special.

My second race takes place in MI. I did not grow up in MI, but my grandma (who is 97 & still enjoys coming to my races) lives there, so many summers and holidays were spent in MI.

Racing IMWI with my grandma cheering last year was special. I'm looking forward to two great weekends racing at home with friends and family.


Jason said...

Where in CT did you live? I am a NY'er born and bred even though I live in Dallas now.

I used to drive the Merritt to find the most quaint towns in CT and walk the covered bridges and watch the kids and families play in the leaves during the fall at parks over there with my wife. I miss the northeast sometimes but certainly not the inches and inches of snow.

And having grandma at a race must be awesome.

Kim said...

That's so much fun! Best of luck Charisa! I will be cheering really really loud for you!!!!!!!!!! Go get em girl!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

hurray for NYC!!!!

Michelle Simmons said...

Awesome! Have a couple of great races, Charisa!

Kiet said...

Will be thinking about ya over the weekend when I'm absorbing my training with my feet up on some beach in Maui!

Steve said...

I love this update Charisa. We all come from somewhere, and that stuff interests me. I hope I can see you at Steelhead. I know nothing of Triathlons... or how to watch, but wanna get down, and I guess to see a pro in action would be awesome. :)

You are a rockstar superstar in my eyes, so I may be shy, and just say hi. Kinda like with JPH, but if I am there I will seek you out.

Keep up the personal posts, because I can pretty much guess all of us who read you would have no problem getting to know you better. :)


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You guys are going to have so much fun!!

SSB said...

Good luck this weekend (and next). I love the NYC tri. Such a fun race. Just be careful of what you grab in the Hudson!

Heidi Austin, PT, DPT said...

yah! i love having family at races- it makes it that much more fun :) enjoy! and of course go get em charisa!

David said...

That picture of Steven is perfect! :-)

ali said...

Awesome pics, have a great race and lots of fun being home!!