Friday, August 5, 2011

Racing at Home

My next two races feel like I am going home, even though I grew up in Chicago, rather than NY and Michigan. New York City is a special place to me - as Steven and I spent two years right after we were married there.

We actually lived just outside NY in CT (hence the covered bridge photo...)

Weekends were filled with adventures around NYC. Steven obviously greatly enjoyed high tea at the Plaza. (And yes, I do realize I have a great husband.)

And the boy who had never lived outside CA in his life, endured several very cold, snowy, and icy winters.

I never once when we lived back east thought I would race the NYC triathlon as a pro someday. So going home to race, is extra special.

My second race takes place in MI. I did not grow up in MI, but my grandma (who is 97 & still enjoys coming to my races) lives there, so many summers and holidays were spent in MI.

Racing IMWI with my grandma cheering last year was special. I'm looking forward to two great weekends racing at home with friends and family.