Saturday, August 6, 2011

NYC Pre-Race

This morning I decided to check out what I have been told is the fastest Olympic distance swim course.

I get to dive off a pontoon. Want to know what I'm most nervous about for tomorrow? -that when I dive in my goggles will fill up with water. I've been practicing my dive entries and I have about a 50% success rate at this...oh well, if they fill with water thankfully it doesn't take too long to fix that.

The swim exit.

I managed to make it on my bike from NoHo to the west side bike path for a ride without killing myself. AND I got a picture of the Empire State Building coming out of my helmet in the process. That takes serious skill. Oh, and I also made it home unscathed.

More awesome self-portraits while running.

Bike parking lot.

Washington Square.


I've been told it's supposed to pour rain during my race tomorrow...should be fun!