Thursday, August 18, 2011


I recently started using some sports care products made by a company in Belgium. I'm telling you they are made in Belgium - because like chocolate, things that come from Belgium are just better! A lot of pro cycling teams use these products. Qoleum has an entire line you can view here, but I'll tell you about my three favorites.
Wetsuit Glide. I like this one because it isn't in an aerosol can (which makes me feel like I am not killing small animals on the planet or something), and it works well. I typically need all the help I can get removing my wetsuit from my calves, and this does the trick. I also put it all over my neck and under my arms to keep from chaffing.

Warm Embrocation. This one I use more for colder winter months, or colder races. (I used it for Alcatraz and I'm pretty sure I might need it in Ireland). Basically you put it on your legs before riding or racing, and it warms them up. I love it during our foggy season here in CA when it is difficult to head out on the bike and get the legs warmed up.
Soothing Gel. This stuff is just awesome - it rolls on and immediately makes your muscle icy cold. Perfect for those days post-workout when I've got some nagging muscle that needs attention, but I just don't have time to sit down with an ice pack.

Qoleum also makes some amazing Antifriction Cream (chamois cream), Fit Feet (think soothing gel for the feet!) and Recuperation Lotion. Since they are from Belgium, you can't find them everywhere in the states yet, but check out your local bike shop or email me and I can help you find your closest retailer.