Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NYC Photos

A few more photos from when I was in NYC last week...

Park bench and petals.

Man's best friend.

Dripping lights.

A view.

Bike parking.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok I am fascinated and complexed at the same time, in the last photo, how do they get the cars up and down???


"Man's best friend"?
What a pony? That is a pony, right?

Jason said...

BDD -- they go in to the spot based on amount of time that the owner says that they are going to be gone. They stay up there sometimes for days on end.

When the owner claims their car it is like an elevator.

Charisa - Thank you for the pictures. Makes me miss home and satisfies my love of NYC all at the same time.

Michelle Oddie said...

bicycles, stonewalkways, a bench to sit on and landscape/patio lighting...what more do you need? :)