Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Steelhead Race Report

If I had to choose two words to describe my race at Steelhead they would be disappointed and wonderful.

I was disappointed that rip currents and high winds cancelled the swim. Happy not to be swept out to the middle of lake Michigan. But I work my butt off in the pool so I can race hard in the swim, so when it is removed from the race - it's disappointing.

The pros were sent off in :30 intervals for a time-trial start. I knew it would likely be a tough day, as I had acquired some sort of stomach bug that sent me running to the bathroom about every 20 minutes for the four days prior to the race. Eating had been minimal as well. Not exactly ideal pre-race calorie loading, but what can you do? I was happy that Imodium allowed me to race without crapping my shorts on the run!
 So enough of the "disappointments" - let me tall you about the "wonderful" parts of my race!

This is my 97 year old grandma. She came to the race to cheer. She is an ultimate spectathlete! We are already planning next year's race.

My favorite picture of the entire day. My cousin Ben is yelling time splits at me, his kids and our Grandma are cheering. Across the corner I have more cousins cheering. This was wonderful!!

There were moments of feeling ok on the run, and moments where thirteen miles seemed more like a marathon. But one foot in front of the other and before you know it, there is the finish line.

My good friends Joan and Janie were out on the course in full force as well. Cheering louder than ten people!

I feel incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family. We do not see each other often, but whenever the cousins get together it's nothing but fun.

Zoot for speedy shoes, and an awesome wetsuit, which hopefully next time I will actually get to use! TriSports.com for carrying everything tri. QR for a comfortable and fast ride. Profile Design for some sleek and comfy aero bars and wheels that fly. MicroscopeWorld.com for a job I truly love. Sable WaterOptics for goggles that are clear and clean! Rudy Project for protecting my head and outfitting me with sweet sunglasses! Extreme Endurance for helping me race fast. SCAPE for protecting me from the sun. K-Edge for no dropped chains!

I have two final weeks of hard training and then I'm off to Europe for three weeks where I will race Ireland 70.3 and Challenge Henley.