Friday, August 19, 2011

Ocean Swimming with Sea Creatures

I'm realizing the more I ocean swim, the more comfortable I am out there with the sea creatures. To be quite honest, I never used to think twice about sharks when swimming in the ocean. Because really, nobody ever got eaten by sharks - especially where we live. That sort of thing happened on TV, or in the cold waters up in Northern CA.

And then several years ago it did happen. In our own back yard. A group of triathletes was out swimming and a shark bit a man, and very sadly he died. I don't think I went in the ocean to swim for over a year after that happened. And then I realized much like how some people faced fears after September 11, I needed to keep on living my life and enjoying the things I love. And ocean swimming happens to be one of them.

This morning there was some big surf and I saw a sting ray. And part way through the swim I realized I was so content and happy swimming out in the ocean, even though the big waves and sea creatures would have previously semi-freaked me out. Friday morning ocean swimming has become a tradition this summer, that I hope will last for quite a while. And even if the swim isn't great on any given week, the post-swim coffee is always awesome. 

Have a great weekend - get outside and enjoy it!


Steve said...

I just got back spending some time in the big body of water-sea creature infested area called Lake Michigan. We played frisbee, and I even had a couple of open water swims of around 10 yds each, with 5-10 minutes rest in between. Active recovery/frisbee tossing in between. :)

Have a great weekend. :)

I am pooped. :)

Steve said...

jokes aside though, I love this update. It really tells about you. Conquering your fears and stuff. I dare say you braver than me. :)

RESPECT for you. :)

Jill Costantino said...

BRAVE lady! That's awesome for you - I on the other hand prefer pools or a fenced off area of the ocean:)

Matt said...

you are a lot braver than I, I dont like to see anything in the water while i swim, freaks me out for some reason...But not if I am out snorkeling (not in SPokane..) but while are one tough cookie Charisa!