Friday, August 26, 2011

Ironman Training

It's been a year since I raced long. I'm excited to get back to it. I fell asleep on the floor in my living room last night after a run. That pretty much describes ironman training...

But in the midst of being tired and swim-bike-running (lots), I've had some great workouts. We seem to have fallen back into our foggy season, which honestly probably isn't bad since I am going to go race where it's a bit cooler and rainy.

I took this right after I finished an interval....kind of describes how it felt...

Yesterday was one of those runs where I thought it would be terrible since I felt rather destroyed. Instead it ended up being awesome. I ran along the coast and felt like I was flying. I think running is as close to what I believe flying could feel like without actually having wings.

And so I have one final weekend to GO BIG. And next week I'll hop on a plane to cross the really big pond. Where I will try to race BIG or go home.