Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Place your Bets...

If you have followed my racing at all, you know I like to race my friends when there are bets on the line. This weekend is no exception. I'm racing San Diego International Tri close to home.  Not only a great chance to work on my speed again, but also an opportunity to go head-to-head against David and Kevin. We are all racing in the pro wave - which means we all start together. The course even has out-and-back sections so we can taunt each other as we pass.

A bit of history:
  • David and I had a bet at CA70.3 and I won. With a good margin. David swims and runs faster than I do. And he rides his bike about once a week...
  • Kevin & I had bets at CA70.3, Wildflower and Boise. He crushed me at Wildflower. I won the other two.
The bets:
  • My bet with David is for dinner & it's a straight up time bet - fastest wins.
  •  Kevin has spotted me four minutes (bet terms yet to be decided - last time it was chai lattes each week til our rematch race. We could use some bet ideas if you have any...)
Zoot is awesome and has provided some give-aways so that you can place bets on our races as well.

Here is how it works - there are two chances to win.
  1. Select the time gap between David & I at the finish (you must note who wins) for a chance to win the men's tri mesh top.
  2. Select the time gap between Kevin & I at the finish for a chance to win the women's zip-up hoodie.
Closest time guess wins for each. Good luck!


Matt said...

1) Charisa - 3:15 margin
2) 6 min

RIP IT UP This weekend!!

Beth said...

FUN!!! For #2 I say 3:53. :) Good luck this weekend!

Kim said...

1. charisa - 7:30
2. charisa - 4:45

go get em girl!!

Rachel said...

2. I think you'll beat him by 2:48

Good luck :)

kristinschleicher said...

So many people racing this one, wish I could! I am guessing for #2 that you will dig deep and beat Kevin by 27 seconds after the 4 minute equalizer is applied. So +3:33.

Running and living said...

Charissa wins them both!
1. 4:00
2. 4:00

You are going to crush them!!!!

A World of Gratitude said...

Other bet ideas:

*oil change for the winner's car

*house cleaned by looser

*lawn mowed/trimmed other for winner

*grocery shopping (list provided- money, too) done by looser for 6 weeks or so

*Christmas presents wrapped for winner by looser

*Christmas cards addressed, licked, stamped for winner by looser

*Bike packed for next race by looser

*Halloween candy purchased for winner by looser

*Looser irons winner's clothes (though that's assuming the winner wears clothes that need to be ironed...)

*Looser makes breakfast for winner and spouse and delivers... (or dinner)

Need more ideas, let me know... Summer Vacation = time to think of stuff like this! :-)


I'm feeling a little male bonding here.. even though I have never met these guys...

Bet 1 with David: Charisa by 30 seconds
Bet 2: I don't see where we need to specify the winner. 30 seconds

I see a photo finish between all of you.

J. L. said...

1. Charissa by 6:52
2. Charissa by 4:15

Jeffrey said...

Lipke by 0:57
Kevin by 4:23

ship it.

MC just me said...

1. Charisa by 6:47
2. Charisa by 3:29


1. C by 10:27 while D is left behind fixin a flat

2. C by 8:15 while K looses his hard fought and precious lead, puking up last nights pizza!

Fat and Slow said...

Wernick by 3:03

Pton98 said...

1) Wernick over Lipke by 15 seconds. I think he will swim/bike/run faster, but your quicker transitions will take the day.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

1- you (of course) by 1:30

chris said...

1. Charissa by 7:00
2. Charissa by 4:20

solarpowered said...

First, I admire David's biking approach. I tried that once-a-week biking thing for a while, until I realized my swimming and running weren't fast enough to make up for it...

The bet for #2:
I think the time gap will be 1:05

Jen said...

1.David will win by 1:30
2. Charisa by 0:45

Anna said...

Charisa will take 'em both!
1) 2:52
2) 2:45

Rock it this weekend!!

ADC said...

1. you win by 4:56
2. you win by 6:32

You win You Win - that is most important :))

Jason said...

#1: Charisa - 3:04
#2: Charisa - 3:31

Good luck and finish healthy!

Kim said...

Awesome! Best of luck!! How fun! I'll bet #2, Charisa - 3:56!

Hunter Robinson said...

1. Charisa by 3:36
2. Charisa by 2:14

Bet idea:

1. The loser cleans the others bike once a week til the next race.
2. The winner gets to select the losers wardrobe every day for a week.
3. The loser buys all of the fireworks for the 4th.
4. The winner gets to guest post on the loser's blog.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I need a new tri top

I pick 9:38

I think you should get champion jersey to wear on training rides to rub it in

Joey said...

Loser has to shave their head bald.

I'm thinking C will take both.

#1: C by 4:44
#2: C by 2:22