Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Place your Bets...

If you have followed my racing at all, you know I like to race my friends when there are bets on the line. This weekend is no exception. I'm racing San Diego International Tri close to home.  Not only a great chance to work on my speed again, but also an opportunity to go head-to-head against David and Kevin. We are all racing in the pro wave - which means we all start together. The course even has out-and-back sections so we can taunt each other as we pass.

A bit of history:
  • David and I had a bet at CA70.3 and I won. With a good margin. David swims and runs faster than I do. And he rides his bike about once a week...
  • Kevin & I had bets at CA70.3, Wildflower and Boise. He crushed me at Wildflower. I won the other two.
The bets:
  • My bet with David is for dinner & it's a straight up time bet - fastest wins.
  •  Kevin has spotted me four minutes (bet terms yet to be decided - last time it was chai lattes each week til our rematch race. We could use some bet ideas if you have any...)
Zoot is awesome and has provided some give-aways so that you can place bets on our races as well.

Here is how it works - there are two chances to win.
  1. Select the time gap between David & I at the finish (you must note who wins) for a chance to win the men's tri mesh top.
  2. Select the time gap between Kevin & I at the finish for a chance to win the women's zip-up hoodie.
Closest time guess wins for each. Good luck!