Friday, June 24, 2011

Track Racing

I never ran track in high school (my high school didn't even have a track!) Therefore, track meets are somewhat foreign to me. About a month ago Jeff convinced me to race the 800 and 3000 with him at one of the San Diego Track Club meets. This seemed like a great speed-workout-idea at the time. But when I realized it fell right in the midst of racing three tris in four weeks I opted out for a spectator role.

Look who was seeded #1 in his heat!!

Start of the 800.

Spectathletes (who can't take self-portraits very well).

I may be convinced to race one of the track meets with Jeffrey next month. Or I may just become a professional track-meet-spectator. If you sit up high enough on the cement bleachers your cheers echo all across the track...