Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Ride

It's been a while since I spent a long Sunday on my bike. I've missed it. Somehow despite having moments where my legs are screaming at me to stopit! and occasionally falling off the pain train, there is usually no place I'd rather be. Long rides are filled with a lot of laughing, beautiful scenery, and the general satisfaction of being in the great outdoors and traveling miles and miles with simply two legs and a bicycle.

I spent the day chasing these boys around. This is Mike - beating Mike up a sprinting hill - that Mike didn't know existed.

There were multiple dead snakes, one living one, and a suicidal squirrel that someone launched into the air (while I shrieked) near us after thumping around under a passing truck for a bit. It was traumatic. Probably more so for the squirrel...

My favorite field - always just seems so picturesque.

Oak covered hills.

And horses in flower fields.

When the day was said and done I had ridden for many hours, climbed a lot, run for a while, and found myself at a BBQ. And apparently when my friends have a BBQ, there is also usually an eating contest. This time was no exception. I'll post pictures and a full report tomorrow...