Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Summer arrived in San Diego. This means wimpy humidity (sorry, we've got nothing on the east coast), flip flops and cold icy drinks after long runs.

It means we lost our overcast foggy coast weather and replaced it with pure sunshine.

And apparently among our group of friends it means hot-dog-eating-contests at BBQs. 

The contest was simple - whoever eats 5 hot dogs and 5 buns fastest, wins. I think Sergio had a stomach ache for a day after the contest. Don't feel too bad for him - he ran a 1:09 half marathon the morning of the hot dog eating contest. And that was a bad race for him. So while he may not be a speedy hot-dog-eater, he's got the speedy running covered.

Jeffrey displaying his bun-dunking technique. I think I'm supposed to be proud that my husband won this contest??

Happy Summer!