Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Early Ride

I really like my job. I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to race pro and try to balance a job I actually enjoy, with a social life, etc. etc. Although I must admit, there are days where I'm jealous of my pro friends that don't have day jobs. I know they work just as hard as I do, but they also have the luxury of getting on the bike a little bit later once the sun warms up the earth. Or taking an afternoon nap.

My ride started at 6:10 this morning (because that was when there was enough light to see & be seen). It was 39 degrees. I do not even want to know what the temperature was when I dropped into Elfin Forrest. But for a girl that wants to fit in a 3 hour (non-trainer) ride and still actually make it to work before ten, it was what it was.

When I got to this point on my ride I was happy I had gotten up before the sun. This picture does not capture even part of the beautiful fog that was hovering over a frosty field.

Back over by the ocean (and much warmer) I found a cat that might want to work on his camouflage hiding skills.

I'm happy to say my morning ride was quite enjoyable, even with its very freezing moments. I am also happy that my job involves sitting in a chair with a Peet's coffee nearby!!

Happy Training - keep at it!


Steve said...

I wondered what the heck your job was. Guess I still don't know, no biggie. I like your pictures. I like what you see. :)

You are nice. :)

p.s. my wife is nagging me right now saying I am a pig. I am not that messy I swear. :) lol. Women!!! :)

TRI714 said...

I left at the same time you did this morning. 38 degree was the number up here and although I only got in 22 miles it was pretty beautiful. I too wish I could just train and not sweat the 9-5 or in my case the 7:30 to 5:30. But it is what it is. Good luck this year. Im rooting for ya !

Beth said...

I love the cat picture! You find the best things to take pictures of. Great job with your training Charisa - I'm sure it's so tough but you manage it all so well! And maybe those pros that don't have day jobs occasional wish they did so they could think about something other than triathlon. (or maybe not... :)

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I like what Beth said... having a job helps you keep a balance other pros don't get. Keep up the great work Charisa!! :)

A World of Gratitude said...

Balance of work and training. For the following about my job, I'm grateful:

*a boss who lets me run wild (yoga balls in my classroom? sure!)

*making friends with the PE dept. (free, unlimited use of all PE equipment, the gym during occasional 5th periods, and idea sharing)

*a hall of other teachers who only require my class to be super quiet on testing days (e.g. no bowling in the hallway, no "chuck the duck" target game down the other hall, no drumming on the bass drum or bongos)

*listening to my students who really WANT kinesthetic learning and then shine on exams

*being able to quietly exit early enough to swim at 3 pm before the kiddies take over the pool

*summer when there are NO kids in the pool

*school being 3 miles from the trailhead of a 17.8 mile trail through breathtaking scenery and mega history

Happy Training and Happy Balance

Teresa said...

I am so glad Peets is there to warm you up!!!


jameson said...

i hit the road at the exact same time... and it was COLD! we seem to be working on the same schedule... lets get together for some early morning hammer sessions!

Angela and David said...

It really is amazing that you can balance it all and be so competitive with the other pros. Makes you that much more impressive in my book.


The ability to juggle multiple things in your life actually makes you a stronger person and subsequently, triathlete. My money is on the multi tasking pro vs. the one that can roll over in the morning and say "I think I will sleep a little longer"

Kiet said...

alright, you are inspiring to possibly ride outdoors in the morn...possibly