Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bike Happy

I understand that the cyclist riding with headphones does not wish to hear me say hello in the morning. I'm ok with this. They are in the zone and I have no desire to interrupt.

What I do not understand is the snobby cyclist that is intent on dropping everyone around them and can't seem to hear anyone utter a good morning toward them. Seriously - where is the love?! You are riding a bicycle! It's the exact same device that four year old kids ride. For fun. And you are not a pro tour rider.

Thanks to Gemma Luker for this illustration!

I rode on the coast this morning. It was a nice crisp, cold morning, where the surfers were catching clean, long rides, and the wind was holding each wave up a little longer.

Every bike commuter I passed waved or said good morning to me. Large backpacks and all. I'm still pretty sure cycling makes you happier. Ride on, and don't forget to smile occasionally or (gasp!) even say hi to someone you pass!