Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AZ Training

It is amazing how much you can cram into a weekend. There was a lot of riding and swimming, with a run thrown in.

On Friday we did a cool drill I've never done before. Two of us were connected with a stretchy cable and we had to try to swim away from each other as hard as we could to the opposite wall. You win by touching the wall.

Hard to see - but this is my horrible low-elbow arm position under water, while trying to pull my super-swimmer-TriSports-teammate toward my wall. I did not win this game. Ever.

More bicycle.

Good news is I'm pretty sure I now know why I am not a super-star swimmer. It's because when I was 14, I wasn't in the pool swimming toward the other end with a pulley system attached to me while I was raising a barrel filled with water, like these kids are. No. I was diving off the diving board. And if triathlon involved some twisty-turny-flippy-dives before entering the water - I would earn serious bonus points.

And now it's back to work, back at home by the ocean.