Thursday, February 3, 2011

ZipVit Sport

I am really excited to be working with ZipVit for my triathlon nutrition. ZipVit started in Europe as a nutrition supplement company. Their vast knowledge of nutrition, led to work with many of the pro cycling teams (Radioshack and Cervelo Test Team) and ZipVit Sport was created solely for athletes. The products were recently introduced in the US.
Sports doctors have worked closely with pro athletes to develop products that not only perform (ie delivering calories that the body can ingest - with no stomach upset - at a high output level), but also taste good. One of the things I like the most about the electrolyte drinks is that they don't taste super sweet. Over the course of an Ironman, drinking sweet drinks for ten hours gets very old.

Over this season I'll highlight some of my favorite ZipVit products and what I use them for (pre-workout, during, or post-workout.)

Today I will share my favorite: ZipVit Energy Chews, Pomegranate & Watermelon flavor. Not only do they taste great (I use them on the bike), but there are two flavors in one package. Fast energy, no gelatin, and some added good-for-me antioxidants and vitamins - in chewy little flavorful morsels I can pop in my mouth, all while trying to cling to Nick's wheel!

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