Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goals Post #2

Thank you to all who posted goals - I love how we all aspire to go farther, faster, do more, and somehow this led us to collide in blog-land.

I will share some of my goals this year, in no particular order...
  • To end 2011 feeling I gave 110% in training and racing.
  • Find speed.
  • Take more risks when racing - blowing up in a race would be viewed as a success.
  • Continue to move outside my comfort zone.
  • Sub-10 full ironman.
  • Sub-18 5k.
  • Sub-38 10k.
  • Race the bike like I do not have to run off of it.
  • PR my open half marathon time in a half ironman.
  • PR my open marathon time in an ironman.
  • Swim, swim, swim like a fish!
Thanks to Andrew Neyer for this awesome illustration.

In keeping with my quest for finding speed, my goal to move outside my comfort zone, and my love of riding the NY city subway, I've decided to race the NY Triathlon in August. Because what better way to see what fast really is, than by toeing the line with some ITU short course girls.