Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goals Post #2

Thank you to all who posted goals - I love how we all aspire to go farther, faster, do more, and somehow this led us to collide in blog-land.

I will share some of my goals this year, in no particular order...
  • To end 2011 feeling I gave 110% in training and racing.
  • Find speed.
  • Take more risks when racing - blowing up in a race would be viewed as a success.
  • Continue to move outside my comfort zone.
  • Sub-10 full ironman.
  • Sub-18 5k.
  • Sub-38 10k.
  • Race the bike like I do not have to run off of it.
  • PR my open half marathon time in a half ironman.
  • PR my open marathon time in an ironman.
  • Swim, swim, swim like a fish!
Thanks to Andrew Neyer for this awesome illustration.

In keeping with my quest for finding speed, my goal to move outside my comfort zone, and my love of riding the NY city subway, I've decided to race the NY Triathlon in August. Because what better way to see what fast really is, than by toeing the line with some ITU short course girls.


Beth said...

Love your goals! There is much diversity - sub 18 5K and sub 10 hr IM = true range! :) You will love the NYC tri. Still one of my all time favorites and trust me, you WILL swim fast there! :)


Love the sub 10 hour IM one...

jameson said...

great goals.

"Race the bike like I do not have to run off of it."

that was goal of mine a couple of years ago when I was racing Xterra and once I learned to "race" the bike it was game/race changer.

good luck!!!

LoveOfShoes said...

Yay NYC!!! Hope I'm in town to cheer you on!

Caratunk Girl said...

That sub-10h IM is yours for sure. Cool on NYC. I hear the swim is a hoot (the current)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When you find speed, can you let me know where it is at, you can have most of it, I just want a little

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Awesome goals! I'm afraid to ask where one swims in the NYC triathlon? Your schedule this year is shaping up to be quite the adventure!

Luke said...

I aspire to one day be in a place where I can realistly set my goals within minutes of your 2011 goals. :)

Christi said...

Great goals! I can't wait to watch you meet them this year!

Steve said...

WOW!!! That sounds hard. I love the race the bike like you don't have to run after, and blowing up in a race = success.

You are the full package. A great set of eyes to notice your surroundings, and yet inside is a tough tough person.

Consider me your #1 fan. Don't tell anyone though. :)

TRI714 said...

Those are great. I never got a chance to reply. So i'll reply here. I hop that is o.k.

Run 2- 1/2 marathons
PR- 1/2 UNDER 1:55
Get my wife to run (not walk) a 5k
run a 5k in 24 min
Start racing bike crits again, even cat 4-5. I don't care.
1 OLY and at least 2 sprint tri's
Ride at least 3 century's, organized or not.

m said...

Great set of goals! It will definitely help keep you motivated.

Cool to see NYC Tri on your schedule. It's a fun event to do at least once over a triathlon lifetime.

Libby said...

awesome goals and way to get out of your comfort zone! dirk is still trying to convince me that blowing up at my last race was a "success" .... I'm still digesting that one :)

Matt said...

solid goals!

racing bike like you dont have to run off of it

was close to mine for shorter stuff this year, I always stayed in comfort zone.

Best of luck in taking on all your goals!

Braver than me for posting them ;) maybe it that people will hold me to them..or sometimes I think to big. My goals are what I think of when I need to dig deep during the lows.

ADC said...

These are some great goals and I hope I get to witness at least one of them. Your last couple of blog posts have inspired me to write down my own goals for this year - thank you.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

nice ones. thanks for sharing. i'm with ya on finding speed this year and grow gills for swimming!;-)

Jill Costantino said...

Awesome goals Charissa - and no doubt you will acheive them and more this year! 2011 is going to be GREAT:)

Nicole said...

Love your goals on risk taking during races and going outside your comfort zone. They are essential for breaking PRs and are definately on my goal list as well.

solarpowered said...

Love your goals!

I may just need to skip up the NJ Turnpike to cheer you on in August! If you pass through Philly on the way, let me know!