Monday, January 17, 2011


Nailing a workout makes me happy. But more important than nailing workouts, is the ability to develop a pattern of consistently completing workouts. Sometimes I view workouts as highly successful, and other times the best workouts where I have learned I make the biggest gains, are those when I was unable to hit the [heartrate, pace, watts, interval, etc.].

A pattern is made up of repetition. And likewise, so is consistent training. The plan varies, as do the speeds and efforts put forth, but the ability to train consistently, over time, with adequate recovery should lead to results. The body is amazing - it becomes more efficient as you throw more at it. It will also rebel if you push it over the edge.

Thanks to Helen Dardik for this fun pattern.

Next time you have an awful workout, take a step back and look at the big picture - you might surprise yourself and realize in the grand scheme of your training, what you considered an awful workout, is actually helping to move you forward toward your goal. Simply put, part of the pattern that makes you consistent.