Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Things

There are certain things that make life enjoyable. Little things. These are the good things that made my week go better:
  • Large moon sinking into the ocean on an early morning run.
  • Several workouts I thought would be terrible, ended up being awesome.
  • Bonking during a workout and running into a friend who had extra food for me! (you would swear as many times as I have bonked in workouts I would figure this out...thank you Phil!)
  • Mid-week ride with the Dirkinator. In 70 degrees.
  • The sound of rocks tumbling into each other as the waves of the ocean crash against the shore.
  • Garden gnomes and cats.
What are the good things from your week?


Molly said...

Glad you are finding the good points in everything! I personally have loved kicking my butt with new strength training this week!

Matt said...

Great list!

Here are a few of mine:
-Feeling crumby early in a session then it turning to a great session
-long run on trail with great conversation
-Going out for a long solo ride, then running into a group of friends early on, score!
-new trails runs, make me smile :)

Steve said...

A blog that finishes with a question. Awesome!! I love those. It is like a challenge. :)

Yasi said...

I really think you should check out the trailer to the movie "Gnomeo & Juliet'. I saw it and thought of you (I also saw a shirt once that said "To gnome me is to love me').

ADC said...

- An evening with friends
- Swimming with new frineds :))

Beth said...

Love your list! My good things: Masters swim with friends! Hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows. Our Roxy Dog chasing her flying/squeaking (stuffed) squirrel. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Did you see there is a garden gnome movie coming out soon, its a cartoon and looks funny

Caratunk Girl said...

I was just going to write what BDD did. ha.

My highlight (so far) is running in a snowstorm on a back dirt road when most people would have blown it off. Well, that, and my dad driving up the road, stopping, and saying "so I came home the back way, and I saw this person running. I thought, who is the idiot out running in this crap? Oh. It is my daughter." so funny.

Snakebite said...


And bacon.

Christi said...

My good thing for the week happened today. I had the best swim of my life. Everything clicked and I felt like I was swimming effortlessly!

Jill Costantino said...

Are you taking Cedric to see Gnoeo and Juliet! Everytime I see the commercial I think of you:)

Jill Costantino said...

oops! Gnomeo and Juliet! (I think I go that right)

Meg said...

Good gardening weather this week.
Good running weather this week.
Clean sheets on Sunday night and lavender oil on my pillows.

TRI714 said...

Water over the rocks !

Good things this week.

New road bike arrived.
I gutted out a pretty tough ten mile run last night.
Ive lost 2 pounds of uneeded weight this week.
The weather has been off the hook nice.
I get to see my son in 40 minutes !!

Kiet said...

Speaking of gnomes, just drove by a billboard for the gome movie and thought of you. Maybe that'll be our recovery mode movie during the training camp.

solarpowered said...

OOh - you have good stuff!

*unsolicited hugs from my perfectly-sized 5-year-old nephew. The kind where he jumps up, wraps his little legs around my waist and hold on so tight around my neck I can let go and he just stays there.
*a super hot, sweaty, stretchy, 90 minute power yoga class
*no frogs in my spinach (see my last blog post!) :)
*my students letting me know that the activity I created that we did this week was fun AND they learned from it.

Running Bums said...

Sunshine! No night runs! Lots of good burritos! Massages! More sunshine! Glad everyone is having a great week too:)

Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete said...

love it!! So jealous of your 70 degrees!

Well, I got my butt kicked this morning at my first group run with the running team here in Spokane. It was good though. I needed it!

Shan said...

Love your list of good things!! :) Here's mine: snuggly cats to keep me warm during the snow, having some sunshine (even if it was freezing) this weekend, finishing my S-B-R tests this week and doing better than I could have possibly hoped!

Have a wonderful week!