Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Holiday List

There are so many things I love about this time of year. In no particular order...
  • Running home from work in the dark and taking the long route to view more Christmas lights.
  • Gingerbread men that aren't too sweet.
  • Hot chocolate with peppermint - I swear it does not taste as good the rest of the year.
  • Christmas movies (what's your favorite?? Mine is a Christmas Story or Grinch).
  • Snow.
  • Extra time off work.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchanges (I need some ideas for a gift to give!)
 I love this Christmas card - you can purchase them here.


Snakebite said...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Christi said...

My favorite Christmas movie is "Muppet Christmas Carol" and the other one is "White Christmas"

Matt said...

easy one (while a student and then when a teacher) winter break!

Family time

Italian Christmas meal

Bre said...


and at the risk of sounding crazy...what is a white elephant gift exchange??

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

My fave is Elf!

Fatty had some great white elephant ideas the other day.

Merry Christmas Charisa!

Jill Costantino said...

Merry Christmas Charisa! Love the list! Fav All Time Christmas movie - White Christmas!
Enjoy the time off work and ALL the Christmas lights, but most of all enjoy the time with your friends and family!

Luke said...

This was funny to me because I am watching A Christmas Story as I read this.

kera said...

*Agreed with the peppermint in hot drinks....never does taste the same!
*Polar Express- favorite movie
*I seem to not care about getting called off, cause snuggling with my babes seems way more important around the holidays!

Merry Christmas friend!