Saturday, December 25, 2010

Italian Christmas Eve

We had some friends over on Christmas Eve and in the spirit of holiday colors, decided to make home-made spinach (green) pasta with arrabiata (red) sauce.

Flour is mixed with spinach liquid to start.


Rolled into thin sheets.

And pressed through the linguini cutter. Apparently we do this so fast we all turn out blurry in photos.

Then whip out the clothes hangers. And finally boil for 3 minutes.

Exhausting work for some...

The gingerbread man looked awesome. Tasted only so-so.

Merry Christmas to all!


Christi said...

Awesome gingerbread man!

Meg said...

I have never, ever tried to make pasta. You guys make it look pretty easy. Was it good?

Steve said...

Hi, My name is Steve, as you will be able to tell from my comment. :) Anyway I notice we read a lot of the same people, via your comments which come after mine.

I checked out your blog this morning, and I am going to add you to my list.

Here are a few reasons:

I love you run to work sometimes?? always??

You bike a lot as a form of transportation. I love that!! :)

I love the way you pronounce your name. :)

You seem nice too. :)

Plus I know you are superstar awesome, but so are soooo many. :)

Good Luck this year.

I'll be reading. :)

I like to let people know when I read them. :)

solarpowered said...

Where does that train track go? We used to set up a huge track in my parents' house.

Oh - and that spinach pasta looked yummy!