Monday, November 22, 2010

Rookie Triathlon Mistakes

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Zoot Giveaway by sharing their rookie triathlon mistakes. Here are just a few of the things many of you learned through error:
  • Exiting T1 with your swim cap on under your helmet.
  • Exiting T2 and running with your helmet still on - pictures of this would be awesome!
  • The infamous tip-over at a stop sign while clipped to the bicycle in front of many friends - I think everyone has done this at some point . . . 
  • The race from one port-o-pot to another due to nutrition failure (My first IM involved this).
  • Wearing bike shorts, wetsuits, etc. backwards.
  • Falling off a trainer and breaking an arm - check those skewers folks!
  • Forgetting wetsuits and having to borrow them (hopefully no peeing took place in them!)
This contest winner is Cat - for pure embarrassment - she will get a pair of Zoot CompressRx Thermal tights.

Before my first race I went to a transition clinic. There was a SUPER HOT coach leading the clinic. His tip to us for getting our wetsuits off quickly was once we've pulled it down to our waist area to hook our thumbs into the hip area and yank it down.

I followed his direction to the tee, getting to my bike rack and yanking down my suit and then bending over to start to pull it off my lower legs. As I was bent over I could see the hot coach through my legs, standing behind me. He had an odd look on his face and I was feeling an odd sensation on my backside. The sensation was the cold air against my skin ... apparently when I hooked my thumbs I had not only taken down my wetsuit but also the Tri shorts I was wearing under them!


Thanks again for playing. I'll try to have some new contests after the holidays. I'm off to Cozumel tomorrow for a little race and I couldn't be more excited and pumped up after watching all my friends smoke IM AZ yesterday!