Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cozumel Adventure

At 0-dark-30 this is how we got two bikes, four people and six bags to the airport to catch three planes, a tram, a bus and a taxi . . .

And finally this all led to . . . Bienvenido a Cozumel!

An island with crystal clear water,

beautiful, puffy white clouds,

and large lizards! (Or Iguanas if you prefer).

My Dad and I decided to do a few intervals on the bike course.

This was the head-wind-and-not-as-scenic section of the course...

Scenery on the right of the road.

And the left.

A road-side stand selling island-ish stuff. 
And fun hammocks!

Cedric likes it here so far.

I do too - I just wrote this while lounging by a pool. Sipping some coconut and pineapple drink...