Friday, November 26, 2010

Cozumel Pre-Race

I could get used to these pre-race activities . . . 

The iguanas are neat . . .

In a creepy sort of way.

I feel rested and race ready. I have loved my rookie pro season and I feel this race is nothing but bonus. One more chance to try to PR and give it all I've got on race day. And a chance to race with my Dad - seriously can't beat that. 

I am #23. I have been told you can track online at Steven may or may not update twitter - service here is sketchy at best. To everyone racing - I hope you have the race of your life! And to those who have followed and cheered for me this season - thank you for the support. It is both motivating and absolutely humbling. I feel beyond lucky to have such great friends in this crazy sport.