Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zoot Give Away

One more Zoot giveaway! This time we are giving away a pair of Zoot Thermal CompressRx tights. Size 3. (Sorry if it's not your size but at least you will have a gift to give someone you love!)

Post a comment or email me with your best rookie triathlon mistake while racing or training. If you enter, your story may or may not end up on my blog, so keep that in mind. Pictures are always awesome as well! Good luck - thanks for playing!


SSB said...

I fell off a trainer. And broke my arm. Really. I just told people it happened when I fell off my bike. It was a rookie mistake. I'm pretty much the trainer/skewer nazi now. Making sure everyone's skewer is straight and the trainer is bolted down tight.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I put on a pair of bike shorts, it felt weird, but had to leave for a ride, and at about mile 20 or so, one of my teammates rode next to me and asked "why are your shorts on backwards" Yes, to this day I still get harassed about that one

Aimee said...

When I first got my clip-on pedals, I decided to go for a ride. I had only practiced clipping in and out a couple of times in front of my house with my husband holding my bike in place. But, I knew that I needed to actually "ride" to really get used to the pedals.
Well, I came to an intersection that had a red light. I came to a slow stop, unclipped with my right foot, and tried to unclip my left. I couldn't for the life of me get my foot out of the pedal! I totally fell over right in front of all these people and traffic!
I was so embarrassed! But, I got up, checked out my bloody knee and greasy leg, and got back on my bike. I was too mortified to look around me at all the people, so I avoided eye contact and just rode off when the light changed!

Running and living said...

OK, SSB's got this one. OMG!

I have a running background, so when I first started biking I assumed that, just as in running, I need to be a bit cool when I first start out, and then I'll warm up. It was March 2009, and I headed out for a 30 mile ride, the longest ever for me at that point, in bike shorts, long sleeves, helmet and bike gloves. Needless to say, I never warmed up, but got cooler and cooler as the miles went by. No frozen nipples, but pretty close! Lesson learned!

Caratunk Girl said...

Rookie mistake? I am not sure I can beat SSB's...this isn't triathlon specific, but I took a wrong turn during the MDI marathon (after I had just told some folks that I had ran it the year before and knew where I was going) and people followed me.

I flew off the back of a threadmill in a full hotel gym once and landed in the foam rollers. The gym got deathly quiet, and I got up, bowed, nervously laughed, and got the heck out of there. I had to go back in and get my iPod.

I could keep going, but those are the best two I have.

Kim said...

oh SSBs is a good one. unfortunately besides falling off a few times, i have NOTHING! i am LAME!

Jill Costantino said...

I spent 8 months not putting my clip pedals on because I was afraid and after finally putting them on I spent another couple of months ONLY riding indoors with them on. I went to get a bike fit and was SO embarassed because I couldn't clip in and out really fast and looked like a total "newby" and I think the guy felt sorry for me because I was so pathetic! Not super funny - but wholly smokers you've got some good give-aways this week:)

Alinda said...

We drove from the Netherlands to Germany for my first ever 70.3. I was so worried I was going to forget my running shoes (we were in the middle of a Transatlantic move) that I wore them to Germany. Four hours into the drive, I realized that, since T1 and T2 were at different locations, and with no access to T2, I was going to have to surrender the shoes the day before the race. Saturday was spent frantically searching for a pair of inexpensive shoes, aka the shoes of shame. The lucky winner was a pair of black and fluorescent basketball shoes.

But I totally feel for Aimee, same happened to me, on the busiest intersection of our small college town (still in the US), during lunch break. I rode to the light, got stuck clipped in, and very slowly and gracefully fell to the side. I was completely mortified, since everyone insisted on making sure I was ok.

Matt said...

at a larger 70.3, all morning I kept forgeting my # and being that bikes are racked by them I needed to learn it..By the time I learned it I was entering the water to swim out go to my correct rack per my # and there is no bike or kit of mine anywhere to be found..(probably karma for me making fun of those people that use ballons...) after ALOT of bad words being yelled I found my bike racked amungst #'s that were not even close to mine...Then as I enter t2 I realized I forgot to take note on where it was racked..oops, bad words and running back and forth part 2...Well not I go over this many times and even get to transition very early to get an end spot so if i mess up at least its easier find ;)

Jason said...

First sprint Tri 2 years ago and I trained for the I thought.

I had originally put down 10 minutes for the swim and changed it to 6.

I would do 300y and get out. No pacing, no drills, nothing. Swim 300y and done.

Get to the event and feeling like I got this. I am an athlete. Get in the water and start going. This is a pool swim that is in 25y lanes that you go up and down in same lane then switch.

Well I get toward the end of the swim and I am hacking, wheezing, spitting, almost puking from all the water I swallowed. I wound up running the last 25 yards b/c I was done swimming. DONE.

Finished the bike and run strong but that pool nearly killed me.

My wife kept telling me afterwards they might DQ me b/c I didn't swim. Told her I'M ALIVE WHO GIVES A SH*T about being DQ'd

donna furse said...

I went to the porta john and didn't look if the seat was up and I pooped right on the seat, it was just awful. Those damn triathlon nerves.

Kim said...

Great contests Charisa!! These are awesome! I love reading the comments. Well, I don't know that I can say this is triathlon.. but I had just started and my coach, at the time, told Beth and I we had to race a bike race to learn some cycling skills before we were able to race a real triathlon. They have races with all these serious bike girls down at this oval in Pittsburgh. So, without much practice I think I'm all cool and do my warmup around the oval. Finally, I hear the bell calling us up to the starting line and I pull up trying to be all "I know what I'm doing" and instead I can't get out of the pedal. So in front of a whole crowd of people watching I roll up, can't get out and promptly fall over, skinning my knee and really damaging my pride!! I felt like such a dork. I had one of the other girls help me up and then I had to get back behind everyone again before we started. It was pretty mortifing. Since then I've gotten a little better with those pedals!!

mtanner said...

Please keep these contests going!!! I think they are awesome!

Erin said...

My first and only triathlon I EVER participated in was doing the run leg of a school relay, so I don't think that counts.

So instead, here are 3 stories, covering swimming, biking and running.

Uhh... How about the reason why I don't do triathlons. I am not a water baby, whether it is because I fell into a pool when I was too young to remember and nearly drown (picture baby on side of the pool reaching for a toy). Or it could be because of the fact I was crushed by a big fat man on a water slide as a kid. Picture this: tiny skinny little stick of a runner going down the side. I stop myself half way down so my sister could catch up to me. She catches me, we go down together trying to find any kind of speed (she is an ever so slightly bigger stick) when all a sudden a big fat guy comes whipping down the slide and catches both of us. At the end of the slide, who gets pushed under water by the big fat me? Oh yeah of course me.

So yeah, not a big swimmer, so no triathlon for me. I don't want to die before the bike and run.

Rookie bike story? I bought a road bike, used it a few times on the road. Now it permanently sits in my basement on a trainer year round? Why do you ask? Because I am too much of a wussy to be able to change the tire if I get a flat. I don't want to get stuck out on the roads somewhere with a flat. Yes, I have no bike mechanic skills.

Rookie trail running mistake? First run with a local trail running club, trying hard to keep up, push off a big log across the trail, slip, half turn in the air, can't get hands down, trail meets nose. Blood and pine needles up nose, finish the run (Yeah I am that hard core, plus it takes longer to walk) end up with a slightly crooked nose and a nice black eye =)

so.super said...

During my first tri I left my helmet on and took off running out of T2. Luckily a volunteer was nice enough to tell me (no, I didn't notice)/take it from me and put it with my stuff.

Kiet said...

I saw that my friend put this defogger stuff in his goggles and I decided to do the same...without reading the instructions to rub the drops in the goggles and then rinse with water. I just put the drops in and off I raced. As usual, water seaped into my goggles a bit and were splashing around inside. Things looked me and more foggy as the swim went on but I thought my goggles were fogging up. When I got out of the swim and ripped off my goggles, things still looked foggy. And my eyes were starting to burn a bit, and I thought maybe from the water that got into my goggles. As the race went on my eyes burned more and I could barely see. By the finish, I could only make out shadows and when my friends saw my eyes, they were horrified and said I best go to the med tent. Turns out I suffered from a chemical burn from leaving the drops inside the goggles and I had to go to the emergency room to get my eyes flushed. Ha ha ha, but I finished the race though I could barely see!

cat. said...

Before my first race I went to a transition clinic. There was a SUPER HOT coach leading the clinic. His tip to us for getting our wetsuits off quickly was once we've pulled it down to our waist area to hook our thumbs into the hip area and yank it down.

I followed his direction to the tee, getting to my bike rack and yanking down my suit and then bending over to start to pull it off my lower legs. As I was bent over I could see the hot coach through my legs, standing behind me. He had an odd look on his face and I was feeling an odd sensation on my backside. The sensation was the cold air against my skin ... apparently when I hooked my thumbs I had not only taken down my wetsuit but also the Tri shorts I was wearing under them!


Kelly said...

Oh No! I wrote a whole long entry and it disappeared.

I made a lot of mistakes: I refused to drink from my water bottle because I didn't want to let go of my handlebars; I dropped my seat as low as it would go because I was afraid of falling (I still fell a lot); I would make people come pick me up when I got flat tires; I tried to grab a water bottle from a friend on like my 5th ride and crashed into her, knocking us both over, uphill, slowly. I got lost plenty of times in the dark in the hills of Berkeley (I actually refused to ride by myself for awhile); I didn't believe in spandex and had more than one collapsing, frozen, hands locked in one position ride home; an old man punched me in the face during lap swim one time and my boss thought my boyfriend was beating me up. On my first team ride, I crashed into the girl leading it, twice -- because, oh yeah, I didn't know how to shift (actually, I didn't even know you needed to shift, I thought it was automatic like a car and couldn't figure out why everyone was faster than me).

My first triathlon (which I signed up for in a fit of anger after my first ugly bike crash), we met in Berkeley to all caravan down to the race and loaded our bikes onto the bike rack at the back of the car. As we're driving up the twisty highway into Santa Cruz, there's a big thump. Our driver yells and pulls over on the side of the highway and we're all out the doors, running down the highway to grab what's left of the bikes within 30 seconds. I was most upset my brand new sunglasses got crushed -- priorities.

Even after we got the bikes back onto the sort of broken bike rack and drove the whole way going 40 mph on the highway and my job was to look back at them and make sure they didn't fall over, we then got lost and decided just to follow other people with bikes on their cars. And our turn signal broke, so we were gesturing out our windows.

The very first triathlon I ever attended (to volunteer) I was put on lifegaurd duty, even though I hadn't lifegaurded in 8 years. My sleeping bag didn't make it into the car and some homeless person was a lot warmer. Then, I got left behind while I was sleeping on the floor and so I ended up with the other people who overslept because they'd been drinking and hot-tubbing. We sped down to the pier with bottles rolling back and forth on the floor of the car with every hard turn and the surfboards sitting across the seat smacking me in the head. We got there and no one died.

Then, I dropped my shorts in a porta-potty because I didn't know how to towel change yet.

Then, as we were leaving the swim area and headed to our aid station, my friend and I were kicked out of the car and told 'Oh no! They forgot to close this section of the road! Bikers are coming! Stop the cars!' Without any flags or vests or signs, we jumped in front of cars.

And that was my introduction to triathlon.

JenJames said...

For my first half Ironman, I realized I hadn't really thought much about nutrition so I bought some Perpetuem to use during the bike since I heard many other triathletes talk about it. I mixed up this concoction of Orange Perpetuem, vanilla Gus and some Endurolyte powder and sipped it throughout the bike portion. When I got off the bike and started running my stomach started to revolt. Something about the 95 degree day and the soy protein did NOT sit well with me and I ended up in the porta potty every mile of the run. I was miserable and lesson learned...don't try anything new on race day!!!

D said...
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leslie said...

i am entering this for my boyfriend- we trained for our first Ironman together, I was always wishy washy about my nutrition and so worried about bringing it together on race day. He had his nailed to the tee which included drinking ensure on the bike. We did IM florida, as we were swimming - he realized he left every bit of his nutriton in the room, ensure, food, gu's, water etc... he had to rely only o nwhat was on the course. So much for well laid nutrition plans. This was also my first IM as well, and my son had the tummy bug and my last vision- I was already a nervous wreck was my son throwing up in the sand as i entered the water!

Leslie Brahm

Chad Milam said...

It was before a race and I was really thinking about the swim. While I was putting on my wetsuit I was very focused out on the water in front of me. I grabbed my swim cap and goggles and started down towards the water. I then noticed that it was really hard to walk in my wetsuit. Extremely hard! Come to find out, and I don't know how I didn't notice this as I zipped up the wetsuit IN THE FRONT, the wetsuit was on backwards.

It was a wonder I even got the thing on!

Kolla said...

Oh the hilarity of these comments - thanks everyone :D

My rookie mistake? Got myself a road bike, after riding the sh!t out of that Walmart special. Shoes, pedals, the whole thing.
Drove over to a friends house, who helped me get the pedals on the bike and the cleats on the shoes.

And then I clipped in on one side like a pro, pushed off and ate it. Turns out road bikes weren't meant to ride around peoples backyards with them.
Thankfully it was a pretty smooth fall, so on we went - and about half way into the ride my friends points out to me that my helmet was on backwards....
I swear I've gotten better at that stuff since - but we still laugh at that day :)