Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Running

This morning on my run it was crisp and cold - at least until the sun came up. Honestly, I miss fall running on the east coast. There is nothing better than running through fall colors when it's in the 40s. Just cold enough to see your breath, but not so cold that moving fast won't keep you toasty.

Come January it's somewhat of a different story, but right now, prior to the temperatures plummeting excessively and while the trees are clinging to the last bit of life before the leaves are blown away - it's a great time for running.

One of the best inventions running apparel companies made (in my opinion) was the sleeve that hooks over your thumb. Not really sure how to describe it, but here is a picture:

 So for all of you who live where fall running is really awesome - please go out and enjoy it for me this weekend! And if you need any new fall running apparel, just got stocked up - use code CWERN-S for 10% off!