Sunday, November 7, 2010


I thought I had my fun weekend of training all planned out. Ian came down and we were ready to roll on our final hard workouts. And then Saturday I woke up with a sore throat.

Detour by Cricket Press.

My weekend-couch-sitting led me to wonder why it is so hard for athletes to embrace unplanned-rest? I tend to think I embrace the off-season and recovery days. I like a good non-training day when the body can soak up all the hard efforts and repair damaged legs, arms, etc. But take me out of action when it was not part of the plan and it takes some work to appreciate that down time. 

The trickiest part of resting when sick is that I never really feel very good. It's not the luxury of sleeping in and lazing around in bed. It's more the necessity to rest in order for the body to fight little evil intruders. Thankfully I get so far behind in my movie-viewing during the rest of the year that sick days offer a bit of time to catch up. Hope everyone had a great weekend with some outdoor-time thrown in! Congrats to those who ran NYC marathon today, it was inspiring to watch, even if only from the couch...