Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Can Do Anything

I tell myself this a lot. For example:
  • You can do anything for 20 minutes (in regards to painful intervals).
  • You can do anything for one week (in regards to massive training blocks).
  • You can do anything you set your mind to (this applies to many things).
Last week I hit a new mileage record on the bike for a single 4-day period of time. I was shocked that Monday morning I actually had a really fun long run. This next week is my final build for IM Wisconsin. It is big and so I remind myself "you can do anything..."

Thanks to Jolby for the awesome illustration.

The reality of training and actually life, is that you really can do anything you set your mind to. It's the beauty of being an adult. It might not always be easy, but the awesome part is, you always have a choice. So for one more week my house is going to remain a mess, I won't be cooking much, and I will eat-sleep-work-train-eat-train. I've picked out some new roads to ride and I must say I'm excited to see how it unfolds.