Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This morning at 6am I hopped in the pool anticipating a great swim workout. Thankfully I recruited strong swim friends to join me and keep my workout honest.

After the second 100 of the first set (we did 3x10x100) I knew the workout was going to be rough. You know those days when you look at the clock and are actually in awe that it isn't reading something much faster based on your effort level? That was today. If it wasn't so funny it would be depressing.

Round two was hang-on-for-dear-life followed by don't-let-Marit's-feet-disappear. And the third set was 100% survival. And after an entire set of feeling like I couldn't breathe, might die, pure arm and leg failure, etc. it is amazing how quickly everything became all about laughing and realizing how lucky I am to have such strong swimmers to drag my non-fish-like-self around the pool.

Coach Jeff is upside down in the middle.

When Carrie isn't dropping us during the pull set, she's saving people in the ocean as a lifeguard.

By 7am I got exactly what I'd been looking for - a great swim workout. It just didn't feel great. But maybe sometimes that's what it will take for my friends to turn me into a fish yet.