Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Placid Snapshots

Every day should start right here...

Ian and I are standing on the finish line. No fanfare. Just an oval ice skating rink with rainwater on it. Lots of happy people will run here in a few days.

I got a chance to check out the swim course.

Kevin and I practiced our synchronized swimming. It's coming along nicely, although you can tell my stroke is a little off. Hmmmm, well what's new really...

This picture sums up exactly how I feel about the swim course. For those of you who follow along with my never-ending chase of the swim bet - LB has been kind enough to extend it for Ironman Lake Placid. Sub-57 gives me the win (coffee for the year) in the full IM.

Ski jumps. I have tried imagining standing at the top of these things looking down a slippery snow-covered ramp, with extremely-long skis strapped to my feet. I should probably stick to triathlon.

Ian's homestay took us on a boat tour around Lake Placid last night.

We ended up in this small harbor at sunset for dinner.

A very nice way to end the day.