Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Swim Week Recap

My "Swim Week" is now over. My arms are still attached. I actually enjoyed most of the swims. Toward the end I was really pretty tired of hopping in the pool 2x/day, but overall it wasn't bad.

We're going to do this again in three weeks. Except next time = more meters. Oh joy!!

I have new motivation for learning to swim. My friend LB told me if I swim 27:59 or faster at CA 70.3 he'll buy me coffee all year. We had a similar bet last year at Wildflower, and it worked. My swim PR is 29:30, so I've got a bit of work...

Here are some notes from swim week:
  • I swam freestyle & IM.
  • Swimming butterfly twice in one day was not as hard as I expected.
  • My arms were not sore last week. They are sore this week.
  • My hair did not turn green.
  • I think swimming while semi-tired somehow taught me to be more efficient because on the hard days, I was still making all the sets.
  • I ended up with 21,000 meters for the week.
  • I am thankful the pool closes on Christmas Day!