Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Lake Placid

Lake Placid is quite possibly the most beautiful Ironman course I have ever seen. But I'll let you decide for yourself - I managed to capture a few pictures today.

Flowers everywhere - all over town, in window boxes, on front porches.
Olympic training center flags. When we finish the race we get to run half a lap around the Olympic ice skating oval where Olympic medals were won.

The lake we swim in is crystal clear. You could probably drink this water and be fine.

We had some amazing thunderstorms and pouring rain. LOVE this weather. Hope it doesn't happen while I'm riding my bike on race day.

The bike course runs along this river for miles and miles. 

Run course scenery.

The red arrow is pointing at the Olympic ski jumps we will bike and run past multiple times Sunday.

I love this red barn, especially with the contrasting bright green grass surrounding it. The horses are for my friend Kathleen.

 Oh, and don't worry Coach - we're making sure we will be well-fueled before the race.