Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Healthy Eats

We are branching out and trying a few new things in the garden this summer. Fingers crossed the rabbits, birds and other yard animals do not eat them!

Grape vine! My hope is that it will grow up the fence. I'm not sure it's hot enough where we live, but time will tell.

We planted some bell peppers and hot habanero peppers. Maybe the yard dwellers will take one bite of those and flee for good. HA!

On the left are carrots. They are taller than Mr.-mushroom-sitting-gnome now! My leeks are on the right. If anyone has ideas on what to do with these (besides the obvious potato leek soup) please share!

And this is not from my garden, but I recently discovered this Cheribundi tart cherry juice at Whole Foods and it reminds me of visiting fruit orchards in Michigan as a kid. It comes in plain cherry juice or one with protein added to it. Both are tart - nice after a long, hot run.


jessica said...

Ooooh, homegrown leeks! Heat olive oil + garlic in a skillet for a bit, add sliced leeks & cook until clear-ish, then add in a couple fresh diced tomatoes, juice of a whole lemon, salt+pepper. Cook down a little or a lot -- makes the BEST sauce for other veggies, baked tofu, rice, potatoes... apparently I'll put it on anything.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I think Cheribundi taste like cherry pie in a bottle

What part of Michigan, thats were I was born, Suburb outside of Detriot

Matt said...

thanks for the link for Cheribundi, I love Cherry juice! I am excited to try the one with Whey for a recovery snack.
Leeks- Potato leek soup cold is amazing but needs to be blended, its called Vichyssoise.
I use them in stir-fry's, most soups in place of onions, also when I make most fish in parchment (Fold parchment over fish like envelope, when I cut it, its shaped as a heart) paper some leeks on top are excellent to add flavor, using the white parts on kabobs..just a few ways I use them, I feel they are easier on my stomach and taste better than std onions. I have a few more too...darn Culinary Degree ;)

Jill Costantino said...

Your garden looks fantastic! Hope those nasty garden dwellers stay off your veggies.
Enjoy your recovery week - that view looks so pretty - even though it's not out your office window!

Alinda said...

Love the garden! Here in PA it is still a bit too early for anything to grow enthusiastically.
I love leeks! Here are a few medium healthy ideas, let me know if you need a recipe:
leek feta pie (like greek spinach pie with leeks instead of feta)
leek (and feta) and feta quiche
leek omelet (same as quiche without the less healthy pie and cream)
Greeks generally like to combine leeks and eggs... yummy!

SSB said...

Hope the habaneros keep the veggie thieves away. I just got some Cheribundi in the mail the other day from the manufacturer. Wholy tartness is all I had to say. Now I can't wait for cherry season :-)

Teresa said...


Haley Cooper-Scott said...

Leeks sauted with sliced mushrooms and fresh peas. A fantastic side. Alternatively, saute a chopped onion with sliced leeks and a cubed potato for a few minutes, add broth and bay leaf. Boil it, add broccoli florets and fresh peas, cook ~ten minutes and puree. Garnish with parsely. A fast, yummy green soup. Our grapes do really well up here, so I can't imagine that you'll have a problem! Isn't gardening so much fun?!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Let us know how the chilis turn out and we'll make a road trip to sample them :-)

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

i'm jealous of your garden. my kids would love it.

baby steps though right? i did just plant some strawberries w/them and that's HUGE for me!

and i've read a lot of ps loving the cheribundi