Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Healthy Eats

We are branching out and trying a few new things in the garden this summer. Fingers crossed the rabbits, birds and other yard animals do not eat them!

Grape vine! My hope is that it will grow up the fence. I'm not sure it's hot enough where we live, but time will tell.

We planted some bell peppers and hot habanero peppers. Maybe the yard dwellers will take one bite of those and flee for good. HA!

On the left are carrots. They are taller than Mr.-mushroom-sitting-gnome now! My leeks are on the right. If anyone has ideas on what to do with these (besides the obvious potato leek soup) please share!

And this is not from my garden, but I recently discovered this Cheribundi tart cherry juice at Whole Foods and it reminds me of visiting fruit orchards in Michigan as a kid. It comes in plain cherry juice or one with protein added to it. Both are tart - nice after a long, hot run.