Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Morning Ride

6:04am - roll out of driveway
6:12am - brrr, gloves on
6:38am - start hill climb #1
6:50am - take ride-by-photo of tree

6:58am - start hill climb #2
7:02am - light on hill is about to change. do NOT want to stop. go harder. ohhhhh, that's a good way to get the watts up!
7:08am - wheeeeeeee down hill!
7:12am -  pass school with many mini-van-driving-moms rushing with millions of kids
7:14am - arm warmers down around wrists, gloves off
7:32am - arm warmers back on
7:52am - waiting at light a man in construction truck raises coffee cup to me. this is either very creepy or maybe he rides a bike and is cheering me on. i will go with scenario 2.
8:14am - pass hiding motorcycle cop pointing radar gun at traffic. does my speed show up?
8:22am - stop a light. notice large dead bug on my jersey. very awesome and attractive!


Beth said...

I'm glad you didn't get pulled over for speeding!! :) Beautiful picture as always!

Kim said...

what a pretty ride!!! um yeah guy in construction truck - creepy :)

Snakebite said...

Where's the dead bug on the jersey pictures???

Angela and David Kidd said...

Beautiful picture. And it sounds like a great morning.

Erin said...

Your speed would totally have shown up. I had my speed show up on a "Your speed" radar reader board when I was running down the road a few weeks ago. 12km per hour, which was exactly what I was doing 5 min/km easy run =)

SSB said...

I always hope it's option 2.

Molly said...

Hilarious! I think we notice so much more out there in the world when we're on our bikes :-)

t-odd said...

I ran by a "Your Speed" radar station earlier today and it said 28.

(OK then I realized a car was coming up behind me and I got out of the middle of the road.)


Arm warmers??? What are those??
Oh, that's right, you live in a place that can actually use those in May.... Sweet!

Teresa said...

I think your speed does show up on those out for tickets!!!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

now....THAT'S a ride;-)

solarpowered said...

We've run back and forth in front of those temporary speed signs on the side of the road to see if our speed shows up. Funny.

Love the pic.