Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Morning Ride

6:04am - roll out of driveway
6:12am - brrr, gloves on
6:38am - start hill climb #1
6:50am - take ride-by-photo of tree

6:58am - start hill climb #2
7:02am - light on hill is about to change. do NOT want to stop. go harder. ohhhhh, that's a good way to get the watts up!
7:08am - wheeeeeeee down hill!
7:12am -  pass school with many mini-van-driving-moms rushing with millions of kids
7:14am - arm warmers down around wrists, gloves off
7:32am - arm warmers back on
7:52am - waiting at light a man in construction truck raises coffee cup to me. this is either very creepy or maybe he rides a bike and is cheering me on. i will go with scenario 2.
8:14am - pass hiding motorcycle cop pointing radar gun at traffic. does my speed show up?
8:22am - stop a light. notice large dead bug on my jersey. very awesome and attractive!