Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trail Running Heaven

If you know much about me at all, you know I live for trail running. Set me free on a new open trail and chances are I won't come home for hours. Nick and I went out to Borrego Springs on Saturday to finish up the Rudy Project photo shoot. I'll post pics of that later - but this is way more exciting.

This was the type of run where the sun warms your skin, but just as you start to sweat, the breeze cools you off. 

A run where watching downhill speed isn't something we followed. Rather, feet were flying, arms reaching for balance and laughing out loud was the norm.

A run where the view takes your breath away.

Along with the climbing.

The cows scramble for cover.

And balance is tested creek-crossing. (Only one of us got wet!)

A run where nature seems oh-so-peaceful.

And I was nothing but happy and content. I think we could have run for hours. It was one of those trail runs where you come home with tired legs, but feeling as if your soul has been filled up with beauty. I hope everyone at some point in their lives gets to experience trail running at its best. Because I'm not sure there is anything quite like it that makes me more happy.